Welcome to Exotic Wildlife Sanctuary where exotic animals and people come together through our live interactive programs. Our animal ambassadors can help “tame” the curiosity of both kids and adults. Our goal is to excite the public and foster a desire to preserve and learn about the wildlife that we share this planet with. Our interactive programs provide an opportunity to meet, personally interact and make new friends with our animal ambassadors.

Exotic Wildlife Sanctuary is a USDA licensed and insured 501(c)(3) nonprofit wildlife sanctuary based in Cook County, Illinois. Our staff consists of professionals with extensive experience in the handling and training of a diverse collection of exotic wildlife as well as educating the public. Our facility provides a permanent home for our animal ambassadors that have come to us from other licensed educational facilities, confiscated or owner relinquished illegal pets, or non-releasable wildlife. We strive to provide the utmost in care for our animals from diet and nutrition to affection training and behavioral enrichment.

We offer interactive education programs with unique animal encounters from around the world providing classroom presentations, school assemblies, birthday parties and other special events. Our programs focus on protecting and saving native and non-native exotic wildlife. We promote conservation, preservation and humane treatment of all animals.

We think we have the best job in the world!
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