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We received a phone call from our friends at the Big Run Wolf Ranch, stating Animal Control in Bolingbrook, IL is looking for help finding a home for an Arctic Fox; they did not have room at this time and could not take it in. We asked if they had seen it yet, and if it was friendly. They did not know much about it and gave our information to the animal control officer. The animal control officer believed it to be a small white arctic fox female. She has been in their custody for almost a month and they would like it to go somewhere soon. She was found in an abandoned apartment in Bolingbrook, IL, in a small dog kennel with a muzzle over her mouth, flea band and a collar. It was unknown how long the animal was left in the apartment, but the neighbors called due to the smell in the building. Upon entry to Bolingbrook Animal Control office, the pungent smell of fox hits you. We brought some meaty treats for bribery, and to help evaluate its temperament. If it was too aggressive, we would not be able to help them out. We walked into the room, where the fox greeted us with some growls and moans, normal as foxes go. We offered some treats by hand and it gently took and consumed with no signs of aggression. We felt the animal was safe to work with. After providing USDA and IL Dept. of Agriculture credentials, the fox was released to Exotic Wildlife Sanctuary. We’re so glad they check these things before releasing an animal. The fox was brought to the sanctuary to begin its care and socialization requirements. Needless to say, this was going to be a lot of work. Foxes are unique; they share similar traits with cats, dogs and small children. They need a balanced diet of protein, fruits and vegetables; something that the previous owner was likely not providing. First things first, we needed to get the collar off, and that’s when we realized she was a he! His collar was pink, old, worn out and very tight around his neck. He was restrained for removal due to the discomfort from it.

We estimate he is one to two years of age. After consultation with our Medical Director, we confirmed that he is not an arctic fox but a white phase red fox. He has been with us now for a couple weeks, from day one Elizabeth would go into his enclosure and hand feed him. Our staff is working to socialize him through feeding, care and interaction in preparation for upcoming use in our programs.

Thank you for your time and support!

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